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We have got feedback like these from many overseas companies

◆ Due to travel bans, we cannot reach to Japanese customers...

◆ Cannot find good distributors without having networks...

◆ Cancel/Postpone of trade fairs make it difficult to get new customers...

◆ Webinar/Digital Marketing doesn't work as expected...

Exhibiting Physically at Tokyo Show from Your Home/Office

Cost-effective way of sales/marketing and advertisement without traveling for overseas companies.

The plan consists of 'Product Display & E-meeting' and 'PR / Advertisement Opportunities.'

The Same Benefits of a Purely Physical Exhibiting

Physical product display and E-meetings with a bilingual booth assistant can bring you these benefits:

To grasp the whole picture of the plan, this short video might help you.

Advertisement to Maximise the Benefits

’Remote Exhibiting Plan’ includes various opportunities to promote your company, products/technologies information in Japanese market through our huge database of industry, website and media, etc.

Over 500* International Companies Got Successful Results So Far

*results at May 2021



Detailed Information to Consider Exhibiting

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