Why Japan?

1. The beverage market in Asia & Japan is growing!

<Global Beverage Consumption Forecast 2021>

Source: Canadean

<Amount of Soft Drink Production in Japan 2010-2018>   

Source: 2019 Japan Soft Drink Association

2. More imported machines are used in Japan

<Import Value of Beverage & Food Processing Machines in Japan>

Source: IBIS-TAG

3. Craft beer market is growing in Japan.

Since the Japanese Liquor Tax Act was revised in 2018, the regulations to produce beers have been eased. Since then, the number of new license holders for beer productions is increasing in Japan every year.

<Number of Beer Production License Holders in Japan>


Source: National Tax Agency


Responding to high demands of market, the number of craft beer breweries has been increasing since 2009 in Japan.

Source: Kita Sangyo Co.

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