The show is now open - until Nov. 27th (Fri) 17:00

Scene from Day 1 (Nov. 25th)

400 Exhibitors Shocase Latest Products for Beverage Production

   *including concurrent shows

110 Speeched by Industry Experts!

Scene from Drink JAPAN Keynote Session
*Many visitors attended the conference sessions, while keeping distance each other.

<Drink JAPAN Keynote Session Speakers> *Honorific omitted.

Taichi Yoneme
Japan Soft Drink Association /

Asahi Soft Drinks Co., Ltd.                             

Hideshi Michino
Deputy Director General,

Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries                                                

Thorough measures against Covid-19

Taking body temperature one by one

Anti-splash sheets installed at reception

Hand sanitizers at all the exhibition entrances

Station a doctor and nurse all time at the venue for emergency

Concurrent Shows

The show is held at on-site and virtual until 17:00, Nov. 27th.

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